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Word of a deeply divided Cardassian Union that is engulfed in a power struggle has reached Federation ears and sparked concerns across the quadrant as people once again fear an unstable Cardassian Union that is eager to make their mark in the galaxy. Few think that the Tholians will remain silent forever. Tensions and fear run high across the sector.

In early 2399 the Federation became aware of a deep schism in the Cardassian Union. The Detapa Council, which for years has been in a power struggle with the Central Command for control of the Union, has restarted the Obsidian Order as its puppet. By raiding old shipyards for decommissioned Keldon and Galor vessel the Obsidian Order now has the numbers to enforce the Council's will. The Central Command has vowed to not allow this to stand and the Union is on the verge of a civil war. Precious little is known as to what lead the Union to this point but one thing is clear: war is on the horizon, not only for the Union but for the dozens of Federation star systems along the border.

The USS Charleston an Elysion-class Starship has been assigned to Bravo Fleet's Expeditionary Group to patrol the Cardassian/Federation border, their main mission is that of tactical operations, diplomacy, exploration, and scientific they would be equipped to deal with situations if the need were to arise. But, the USS Charleston could be sent to any part of the Galaxy when the need would arise.

USS Charleston is a proud member of Bravo Fleet's Expeditionary Group

Bravo Fleet is an LGBT+-friendly writing organisation. We are rated 222 on the RPG Rating scale, which equates to approximately 16+.
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Latest Mission Posts

» Post 25 - One Tense Moment

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Posted on Thu Dec 17th, 2020 @ 11:12pm by Captain Imya Jori & Lieutenant JG Ari Zerru & Lieutenant JG K'Rerah & Lieutenant JG Aavan & Ensign Dylek & Commodore Jonathan Bastin PhD & Commander Oliver Calloway & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant JG Jin Yong & Ensign Ashyss Ch'vhaaror

[USS Charleston]
[Multiple Locations]
[Mission Day 3, 1030h]

She looked at the viewscreen as the Galor-class ship was on an intercept course for them as if they knew they were there. But, could have been that probe they passed that had been a warning beacon. She sat down in the…

» Post 24 - Blast from the Past

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Posted on Thu Dec 17th, 2020 @ 2:36pm by Commander Oliver Calloway & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD

Eza had settled in aboard the Charleston, the ship was impressive, not as big as some, especially the newest behemoths being turned out, but she was quick and smart. Eza had been avoiding the next task. He entered main Engineering and immediately saw the man he was looking for, and…

» Post 23 - Meeting the Science Officer

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Posted on Wed Dec 9th, 2020 @ 7:36pm by Captain Imya Jori & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD

[USS Charleston]
[Deck One - Captain's Ready Room]
[Mission Day 1 - 0800h]

Bergen had been excited to see the operating area of his new ship, the ship itself was also a treat. The Elysion-class was essentially the newest iteration of the science-oriented mid-sized explorer, serving as a smaller version…

» Post 22 - Meeting the New Boss

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 11:43pm by Lieutenant JG Jin Yong & Commander Oliver Calloway

[USS Charleston]
[Deck 9 - Chief Engineer's Office]
[Mission Day 2 - 1330 hours]

Jin entered Engineering and stopped a few feet short of the Chief's door. She took a moment to relax before stepping closer and allowing the sensor to announce her presence.

Oliver let out a sigh as…

» Post 21 - The Surprise

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 8:54pm by Captain Imya Jori & Commander Oliver Calloway

[USS Charleston]
[Deck One - Captain's Ready Room]
[Mission Day 3 - 1000h]

Sighing as they slowly made their way toward the last known location which would take a few hours at their current speed. Standing up from her chair on the bridge, she looked at Commander Calloway over at…

Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log 1 - What's going on out there?

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 9:59am by Captain Imya Jori

Imya was in her office as the ship was on its way towards the badlands, even though they just left a few hours ago it seemed like time was going very slowly. It would be a couple of days before they would arrive so it would give the crew enough…