USS Charleston


Personal Log 1 - What's going on out there?

Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 9:59am by Captain Imya Jori

Imya was in her office as the ship was on its way towards the badlands, even though they just left a few hours ago it seemed like time was going very slowly. It would be a couple of days before they would arrive so it would give the crew enough time to prepare for anything that might happen.

"Computer begin Personal Log, Stardate 76732.88," she said as she sat there taking a drink of her coffee, her third one already this morning as the computer beeped in reply.

"Where do I begin? I have dreamed of becoming a Captain my whole career though I thought I never see the day, so here I am in Command of the USS Charleston an Elysion-class ship which is a fairly new line of ships." She began before pausing for a moment looking around the room before she began to speak again.

"We are currently on our way to the badlands, it seems the Cardassians are up to something. Though it's not unusual to see Cardassians in the badlands, it seems there presence there currently is something unusual in itself, is it one ship? or is there multiple ships? What are they up to?" Taking another pause as she thought about what to say next.

"They seem to be tailing vessels in the area, though they are not being hostile towards them though they are not attempting to make contact either and that is suspicious in and of itself. They seem to follow the vessels for a bit before turning back around." She sighed, "We are being sent to the badlands to investigate what reports have indicated, and if true try to contact them to see what they are up to. Though, I am hoping things will come out peacefully but one can never tell what the Cardassians are up to and what their agenda is. Things can turn at a moment's notice and we will be prepared for those moments notice if it would indeed arrive."

Looking around the room, she closed her eyes for a moment before she spoke again. "Since Federation has ended all trade with the Cardassian Union things have not been looking good. Though my gut tells me it's a power struggle between the powers within. Though, not that is all that surprising."

"Though this is all speculation, we will find out more once we arrive in the badlands." She finished before telling the computer to end the log. Once she finished she went back to doing reports as well as rereading the reports that Commodore Bastin had sent her.