USS Charleston


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Post 21 - The Surprise

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 8:54pm by Captain Imya Jori & Commander Oliver Calloway

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Location: Deck One - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 3 - 1000h

[USS Charleston]
[Deck One - Captain's Ready Room]
[Mission Day 3 - 1000h]

Sighing as they slowly made their way toward the last known location which would take a few hours at their current speed. Standing up from her chair on the bridge, she looked at Commander Calloway over at the Engineering station. "You have the bridge," she replied as she turned to walk into her office. She figured she get some work done before anything exciting were to happen. Which she hoped it wouldn't be too exciting.

Making her way toward the replicator, she grabbed herself a cup of hot tea. After taking the cup from the replicator she stopped by the window and looked out. The Badlands was a very interesting sight, she only been in the badlands one other time several years ago during a mission with the Maquis. She thought even though it was hostile in nature, it was beautiful at the same time.

She stood there for a few moments just watching the view as they traveled, thoughts poured through her brain mainly what the Cardassians were up to. She just hoped things wouldn't turn into a firefight in the end.

Calloway eyed the command chair warily as the Captain entered her Ready Room. Since his sudden elevation to XO the previous day, Oliver had tried hard to avoid the 'big chair'. He knew that was never going to last long. Slowly he turned around and lowered himself into the seat, his hands gripped around the edge of the armrest LCARS panels. 'Comfortable,' he mused silently, 'or it would be were it not for the burden of command responsibility weighing me down.'

She sighed as she started to go over reports, sensor readings that were coming in through navigating, and sensor range were limited which would make things take a bit longer than it normally would. She wasn't seeing anything unusual come up as of yet, it seemed to be a game of hide and seek and they were losing at the moment as nothing of concrete was coming up.

On the Bridge, the XO tapped his fingers on the front edge of the armrest. Thankfully, the control panels built into the armrest were configurable and Oliver had reconfigured them to give him a limited mirroring of his engineering console. It would allow him to keep an eye on things from his place in the centre of the Bridge. 'No wonder the Captain headed off to her Ready Room.' Oliver thought. 'You could get real bored, real fast sitting in this chair as we search the Badlands.'

Jori looked up from her reports, it seemed time was going slow with nothing really happening. She wondered if it was a good thing or a really bad thing not knowing what the Cardassians were up to, was this a trap. Granted they were faster than the Cardassians they were outgunned, and not having communications with Starfleet to request for backup in case things went south was a worry in itself. She shook her head to get those thoughts out of her head, they were Starfleet Officers and they were resourceful. "Get it together," she said to herself as she looked out the window from her desk for a moment.

The usual background noise of the Bridge was broken by an insistent tone emanating from the Ops console. Oliver immediately moved forward and perched himself on the edge of his seat, waiting for the duty officer to make their report.

"Commander, we're detecting a ship." She worked the console for a further few seconds. "It's a Galor-class destroyer."

It seemed that they'd found what they came for. Oliver tapped his commbadge as he pushed himself out of the centre chair. "Captain Jori to the Bridge."

Jori was working on a report when she got the summons to the bridge, getting up she headed out of her ready room and onto the bridge. "Report?" She asked as she looked at Oliver who had just got up out of her chair right before she walked out.

"We have company," Oliver replied, pointing to the image of the familiar shape of a Cardassian starship approaching. "Galor-class destroyer headed this way."

Sighing she looked at the ship headed there way, "wonderful let's just hope they are open to talk..." She responded not looking for an answer.


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