USS Charleston


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Post 22 - Meeting the New Boss

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 11:43pm by Lieutenant JG Jin Yong & Commander Oliver Calloway

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Location: Deck 9 - Chief Engineer's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 2 - 1330 hours

[USS Charleston]
[Deck 9 - Chief Engineer's Office]
[Mission Day 2 - 1330 hours]

Jin entered Engineering and stopped a few feet short of the Chief's door. She took a moment to relax before stepping closer and allowing the sensor to announce her presence.

Oliver let out a sigh as the computer indicated there was someone at his door. 'How the hell's an engineer supposed to get through all this admin so that I can actually get out there and get my hands dirty?' He grumbled silently. Deciding to make whoever was on the other side of the door for another few seconds, he tapped his fingers on the surface of his desk before finally barking the order, "Come!"

Once she was permitted to enter, she stepped in front of the Chief's desk and introduced herself.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Jin Yong reporting, Sir." she said calmly.

The young woman standing in front of him didn't look old enough to be an Engineer and certainly not old enough to be his Assistant Chief. "Welcome aboard, y'know, yadda yadda yadda." He sat back in his chair, causing it to tilt. "I hold my engineers to the highest standards. They're expected to work hard to meet those standards. And as my Assistant Chief, I'll expect you to work harder than anyone else." Oliver looked the young woman in the eyes. "D'you think you're up to that?"

Jin had gotten a chance to read a few files upon hearing of her transfer to the Charleston and she knew that the Chief Engineer was also the ships XO, so she wasn't too shocked to see him wearing the command colored uniform when she entered. She reported in and listened as he filled her in on his expectations. Without missing a beat, Jin stood a little straighter. "Yes, Sir." she answered. "This is what I trained and worked so hard for since joining StarFleet. With all due respect, Sir. My goal is to some day be sitting in that seat right there so you can be on the Bridge where you're more needed."

"I hate to disappoint you, but my elevation to Exec is only temporary. I intend to be sitting in this chair for many years to come." He had no desire to be promoted to XO permanently and forced to relinquish his duties as Chief Engineer. Unfortunately, Oliver had been in Starfleet long enough to know that often these decisions were made for him but he could still hope that Starfleet would find someone else to replace Commander Arlinar.

Jin wasn't surprised by the CEO's announcement. Who would want to give up Engineering for permanent bridge duty? "Well, if that be the case, Sir, I look forward to serving under you and learning until I do get my own office." she added with a grin.

"Yeah, yeah. Sucking up to the boss won't get you anywhere." He replied with a dismissive wave. "Assume your duties, Lieutenant. Dismissed."

"Sir." Jin said as she turned and exited the office. Returning to her duty console, she released a small huff. Sucking up my ass. she thought. She didn't suck up. She was just honest. The Commander had been a round awhile and was older. That meant he knew things that she could learn. She allowed herself a smile and returned to her diagnostics.


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