USS Charleston



Post 25 - One Tense Moment

Posted on Thu Dec 17th, 2020 @ 11:12pm by Captain Imya Jori & Lieutenant JG Ari Zerru & Lieutenant JG K'Rerah & Lieutenant JG Aavan & Ensign Dylek & Commodore Jonathan Bastin PhD & Commander Oliver Calloway & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant JG Jin Yong & Ensign Ashyss Ch'vhaaror

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Location: Multiple Locations
Timeline: Mission Day 3 - 1030h

[USS Charleston]
[Multiple Locations]
[Mission Day 3, 1030h]

She looked at the viewscreen as the Galor-class ship was on an intercept course for them as if they knew they were there. But, could have been that probe they passed that had been a warning beacon. She sat down in the seat, she looked at Lieutenant K'Rerah.

"Yellow alert, bring weapons to standby but do not power up." She ordered as she looked at him for a few moments.

K'Rerah nodded and tapped a few buttons placing the ship in yellow alert, "done sir and were monitoring the ship for any changes." She responded.

"Very good," she replied as the ship went into yellow alert.

She looked at Ashyss and didn't have to say a word the ship came to a stop.

She looked at Oliver, "do you think they are going to be in a talking mood?" she asked being hopeful that is what they intended to do.

Oliver perched himself on the edge of the recently re-installed XO's chair. "If there's one thing Cardassians love to do, it's talk." If there was one thing that the engineer had learned through all his dealings with the Cardassians it was that they loved the sound of their own voices.

She nodded, "isn't that the truth." She replied before looking at the Operations Officer, as they got within range and came to a complete stop. She was going to have him open a channel when Ari spoke up. "Sir, incoming hail from the Cardassian ship," Ari replied as she raised an eyebrow looking at Oliver for a moment. "Well I guess they are in a talking mood," she commented not really wanting a response.

"On screen," came Jori replied as the viewscreen was replaced with a view of what seemed to be the Captain of the Cardassian ship.

"Federation vessel, I am Gul Berel. We have been waiting for your arrival for some time, I almost thought your people had lost interest in the happenings here in the Badlands. I am glad to see my patience was rewarded," the Cardassian who appeared on the screen said with a rather smug grin.

She looked at Calloway with an arch eyebrow then turned her attention back to the Cardassian Gul. There was a silence for a few moments while she thought of a response as he threw her off guard on his opening. "Captain Imya Jori, a pleasure to meet you Gul Berel," she said before she continued onto the more pressing questions. "Expecting us? So you were purposely trying to get our attention? Why not just try it the old fashion way and contact us?" She asked looking at him.

"If I were in your position, I would probably wonder the same thing. The problem is the Cardassian Union is not as... cohesive as it used to be, and as I'm sure you'll agree, some things are better-relayed face-to-face to prevent ears from overhearing things. That's actually the reason we've been out here so long awaiting your arrival. We have information to relay, but I'm afraid that it is sensitive enough that I've been asked to relay the information personally. I do hope you're willing to accommodate us in this," the Gul explained, his grin never leaving his face.

She looked at him for a moment, she had her operations officer mute the communications before turning to her Executive Officer. "What do you think?" She asked looking at him, thoughts ran through her mind wondering if this was all a trap or if he was sincere.

"The latest intel reports from Cardassian Prime back up what he's saying about the situation there." The XO replied after taking a few seconds to gather his thoughts. "And hanging out in the Badlands would be a sure-fire way of getting Starfleet's attention not to mention the perfect place for a clandestine rendezvous like this." Calloway shrugged, "We should at least hear what he has to tell us."

She looked at him for a brief moment before nodding, she turned to the operations officer again and the comms were unmuted. "Very well, will send a security detail down to the transporter room to meet with you and bring you to the observation lounge Gul," she responded as she looked at him.

"Captain," Oliver said in a low tone so that he couldn't be overheard, "I think it would be more appropriate for me to greet Gul Berel. If we send a junior officer to greet a Starship Commander, he may take it as a sign of disrespect. We may not trust him but we should still afford him the respect he's due."

She looked at him and nodded, "On second thought Commander Calloway will meet you in the transporter room." Jori replied as she looked at Berel.

"Very well, I will see you shortly, Captain. Berel out," the Cardassian said, cutting off the link without any further conversation.

Jori sighed before turning to Calloway, "well you better head down towards the transporter room to meet our guest." She replied with a sigh as she had summoned two security guards to stand watch outside of the observation lounge.

Calloway had left for the Bridge and Jin found herself sitting at an Engineering console and was going over a systems report with Lieutenant Thompson. They were traveling at a good pace when the yellow alert klaxon began blaring and the ship came to a complete halt. She stood up and began issuing orders.

"Alright, everyone. Stations. Let's make sure everything is online and ready and stays that way."

With that, her fingers danced over her command keys and she contacted the Bridge for information on the ship's status and to get a heads up on what their priority needs would be.

"Engineering to Bridge. We're on stand by and ready. Can you give us any details?" she asked.

"There's a Cardassian destroyer headed this way." The voice of the Chief Engineer announced. "Make sure that we have additional power available to the weapons and shields and that you have damage control teams on standby."

Jin allowed herself a brief smile. She had already sent word to Ops in order to coordinate what systems to pull extra power from if needed and the DC teams were already starting to report in and gear up. She felt good knowing she had things under control. But she wasn't one to boast so she simply replied back to the CEO, "Aye, Sir. Power and teams will be ready."

Bergen was at the science station on the bridge. While he let the rest of the senior staff tend to the Cardassians he was focused on the badlands. As a scientist he had been excited when he had been informed that he would be posted to a ship in the area, the spatial phenomena nearly defied explanation in many ways. The Maquis, Cardassians, and even Starfleet on occasion had used it to hid, and sneak attack targets. Now he was trying to make sure no one snuck up on them.

Aavan was in sickbay when the ship came to a stop and went to yellow alert, she hoped nothing bad would come of this but she proceeded to ready her staff and sickbay just in case. She rather be prepared than to be caught off guard.

Ensign Dylek was sitting in the Intelligence Operation Centre, he had heard that they spotted the Cardassian ship heading for them. He wondered what could be going on, will this turn out bad or good. Only time would tell, but he kept an ear out to see if he could get any intel on that ship and what it's up to.