USS Charleston


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Post 24 - Blast from the Past

Posted on Thu Dec 17th, 2020 @ 2:36pm by Commander Oliver Calloway & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD

Mission: Episode 1: Into the Badlands
Location: Main Engineering | U.S.S. Charleston
Timeline: Mission Day 2 | 1510 Hours

Eza had settled in aboard the Charleston, the ship was impressive, not as big as some, especially the newest behemoths being turned out, but she was quick and smart. Eza had been avoiding the next task. He entered main Engineering and immediately saw the man he was looking for, and partially avoiding. He wasn't even sure if the Commander would remember him but he was about to find out. "Commander do you have a moment Sir."

Calloway was hunched over a console, reviewing a diagnostic report into his latest adjustment of the tractor beam emitter. It became immediately clear that the person was addressing him, there weren't too many Commander's on the Charleston. He turned and came face to face with a mistake from his past. Worse still, not only could he not remember the younger man's name, he wasn't sure if he'd ever known it. "You. What the hell are you doing here?"

"I have a series of engineering requests for modifications to science facilities, I thought it reasonable to have this conversation department head to department head." Eza replied, "Therefore as Chief Science Officer i'm presenting these requests to the Chief Engineer." He added, "Although apparently, Starfleet is reviving the practice of dual hatting the XO."

Until that moment, Oliver was unaware that the Charleston's Chief Science Officer and his one night stand were the same person. "Don't let the red fool you." Calloway replied. "My assignment as Exec is temporary. Once Starfleet finds a permanent replacement, I'll be back in gold."

Swiftly, he pivoted to the reason the Chief Science Officer was here. "Now, why don't you present me with your requests, I can tell you 'no', we can end this nightmare and start avoiding each other."

Eza resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "The request, Sir. As you can see the following list of requests for the science labs and modifications to the sensor arrays. The requests for the labs are primary that for adjustments to the EPS and ODN systems, given that our current nature is not a scientific one they are low priority modifications and I'm happy to make science personnel available to assist if needed. The modifications to the sensor arrays are designed to make them more effective in highly charged plasmatic environments, given the mission profile they would increase in the ability to detect and tract vessels moving in the badlands. My personnel are able to complete the modifications themselves the request is perfunctory as any hardware modifications are to be cleared with the Chief Engineer."

"I'm fine with your people doing the leg work but I'll be assigning a couple of my engineers to supervise," Oliver replied as he studied the detail of the request. Eventually, he lowered the PADD and looked at the CSO. "Any problems with that, Lieutenant?"

"No, Sir. That is fine." Eza said, "We'll begin tomorrow, other than some energy allocation changes we won't even need to bother you. Thank you for your time Commander."

Oliver handed the PADD back. "You're welcome, Lieutenant," he tried desperately to remember the name of the man standing in front of him but it just wasn't happening so he just left it hanging. A few of the engineers over the Chief Science Officer's shoulder shared amused smirks.

"You don't remember my name do you?" Eza said flatly.

Calloway's cheeks puffed as he took a breath though his mouth in preparation to deny that but they quickly deflated as he let the breath go when he decided to go with the truth. "No. I don't." Apparently unafraid to air their laundry in public, he continued, "My divorce had just been finalised, I'd decided to drown my sorrows and to be perfectly honest I'm not even sure if I took the time to ask your name on our way to bed."

"You did, you actually had a whole 'I never do this' and 'we should have dinner tomorrow' thing." Eza replied, "It's fine, I've been a rebound before. It's Eza by the way, Eza Bergen." The Trill said. "Well if you've approved the work, I'll be going then, permission to be dismissed, Sir."

Oliver handed the PADD back. The name didn't ring a bell but quite an amount of alcohol had been consumed. He was surprised that he still remembered Bergen's face. "Dismissed." Quickly, Calloway returned to his work and hunched over once more to continue reading the diagnostic report.

Eza accepted the PADD and with a small nod turned and left, hopefully he would just be able to avoid the Commander as much as possible. As he stepped through the door he glanced back over his shoulder, 'even when he's an ass he still looks good' the Lieutenant thought, shaking his head as he headed back to the lab.


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